POUND TOWN E-LIQUID 100ML (MSRP $20.00) - Express

Express  ( Krunchyberry Poundcake) - What happens when delicious mixed berries meets buttery pound cake? You just go to Pound Town, this decadent dessert is fused with your sweet berries and silky smooth pound cake. No expression of words can help describe this mouth watering flavor. A definite must try! 

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Pound town, the ultimate pound cake vaping experience. Pound town e-liquids presents to you magnificent and delicious pound cake centered vapes. Reminiscent of Grandmas guilty pleasure tasting pound cake, pound town has taken it to the next level with downtown and express. They have transcended Americas favorite dessert classic and combined it with an exotic fusion of sweet and savory treats creating an absolute masterpiece. A wonderfully crafted collection of e-juices to add to your list. Try today and see why the hype is real!