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Our Company History at p0t.com, LLC stated as a place to quit smoking at a fair price. Today that mission is still going strong at p0t.com. Out of all the online vape shops on the web we are the premier online vape shop offering a wide variety of vape mods, vape tanks, e-juice, and vape batteries. Whatever you are looking for you will find it here. p0t.com's selection has steadily grown over the last year. The price points of their products have always rivaled their online vape stores competitors. Check out our offerings and enjoy the great customer service by shopping with us today.

Meet the people that help make p0t.com, LLC a success.

Here are a few of the key players in what makes our company great.

The day to day operations are a key to our success, and that is not possible without our team members.

Adrian Wilson CEO / Founder Our CEO takes vaping personally as he lost his mother to lung cancer. He served in the USMC and holds several degrees in Business Administration/MBA/Juris Doctrine.

Trent Moldenhauer COO Trent holds degrees and many certifications in IT. He has been in IT management for over 2 years. He is also a fan of Sigelei products that he used to quit smoking.

Radames Rios CIO Radames Rios has many certifications in IT. Has been working in the IT field over 20 years. He is a US Army Veteran. 

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Adrian Wilson Founder
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