Mandingo by Ruthless

With a rich and smooth banana inhale, and a strong, but not too strong cinnamon-nut on the exhale; this flavor will make your taste buds tingle in ecstasy.

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Mandingo by Ruthless
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Mandingo E-Juice by Ruthless Vapor is a warm blend of an all time favorite, Banana Nut Bread drizzled with cinnamon. This flavor is a very smooth, savory all-day vape that will leave you bubbling with joy. Ruthless is always making new and intriguing flavors, and Mandingo is certainly no exception. Pick up a bottle of this to instantly extend your dessert! Mandingo is a great all-day vape juice that emits overwhelmingly large clouds with huge flavor on top of it. If you’re looking for a sweet, but not overbearingly sweet creamy nutty flavor, Mandingo is certainly a top candidate. These blast of flavors are exotic and unparalleled. Mandingo will remind you of a perfectly baked cinnamon Banana Nut Bread fresh and straight out of Granny’s country kitchen! One puff is like taking a bite into a piece of banana cinnamon nut bread.

  • Bottle Size: 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml
  • Nic Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18MG
  • Ratio 60VG/40PG

Flavor Profile: Warm Banana Nut Bread Drizzled with Cinnamon.